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Awesome blog candy and blog!

Wow, so I was just at Steph's blog(Where'd All My Money Go- Confessions of a Paper Addict) and she is offering up some blog candy. Seriously wonderful blog candy. Up for grabs you may ask? A $100 gift card/cert to a store of your choice. Why you may ask? Because her blog has hit 10,000 hits! Wow, that's a lot of people visiting! Visit her blog(link below) for a chance to win.

On another note, I do have all kinds of projects in the works that I will be posting pics/directions of soon. Just trying to fit it in around the crazy little munchkin(and getting the projects done so I have something to show, lol). I'm kinda sad because I haven't done a page in ages but I've been doing other projects, so it's working for me, and I'm re vamping my scrap space here too, so I won't be a dining room table scrapper anymore. I'll have my very own scrapping area/desk. Y…