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November Cricut Circle Magazine Challenge

So every month the Cricut Circle Magazine issues a challenge to the Circle Members. This month the challenge is to use the Sophie Circle cartridge to make a holiday project(using at least 3 cuts from Sophie). Now, my project has a little bit of a story behind it... I have a kiddo who's almost 5(he'll turn 5 just two weeks before Christmas), and he's apparently seen 1 Christmas movie too many because he came out of his room about a week ago freaking out because Santa wasn't going to be able to bring him presents because we don't have a chimney for Santa to use to get in our house(we live in an apartment). I told him that we would leave out special keys that only Santa could make real so that he could get in the front door to leave him presents. He agreed. *Crisis averted* Okay so that was a lot of quick thinking on my part, so then I had to come up with Santa's "magic" keys, lol, and I was dreading it. Then this challenge came up, and I started looking …

Wow it's been a little while...

So it's been a couple of weeks since I've posted anything, sorry for the lack of posting, I spent a week puppy sitting for my mom & step-dad at their house so I didn't even get to be crafty, I was a little sad. :-( I'm back in full swing this weekend and doing all sorts of projects so I'll be updating with a new crafty post or two or three soon. Have a great weekend!
Happy Craftin'! Brit